Supportive Housing


Persons with special needs often face significant challenges in finding and maintaining decent, affordable housing. 

Our supportive housing services are designed to help overcome these barriers. We serve adults with a chronic mental illness and addictions, extremely low-income families with special needs and households with disabilities.

Many clients served by our counselors have a history of hospitalization or other institutionalization -some have been homeless. Many clients depend on SSI or TANF for income and have nonexistent or poor rental and credit histories. Some clients have multiple disabilities, but they are effectively able to live in the community with additional reassurance, support and explanations of issues. 
Services include help locating housing, understanding rights and responsibilities of tenancy, matching roommates, making home visits, providing support and resources, and assisting in connecting clients to services that allow them to maintain their independent housing.  In the past two years, 100% of clients have reported improvement in their housing situation.

Housing Partnership has developed several housing resources internally and with partners to improve the lives of our supportive housing clients. 

  • Celtic Apartments – 8 two BR units in Lake Worth, acquired and rehabbed through RTC & HOME funds.
  • St. Charles Place - first (and only) HUD 811 project in PBC, with  11 one BR units in West Palm. $1.3 million HUD grant. Rent is 30% of income.
  • Recovery Village - 6 unit residence in West Palm Beach for formerly homeless single mothers and their children.
  • Crossroads - 4 townhomes providing independent living opportunities for young adults transitioning out of foster care and/or the children's mental health system.
  • Partners for Change Residential Program - 24 bed - short term transitional facility assisting adults with substance abuse and mental health issues to successfully re-enter the community. Program is in partnership with the Center for Family Services and operates according to the Client-Directed Outcome Informed (CDOI) approach. 
  • Mangonia Residence-192 unit one BR units in West Palm, restricted to residents over 62 and persons with disabilities.
  • Clipper Cove  - 340 unit mixed income development in Boynton Beach. This is a beautiful property with pools, tennis, etc.
  • Partner Landlords - work with multiple landlords in community, often  pairing compatible roommates to share a 2BR unit to  achieve affordability.